Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Road to Organization

I have been following the organization challenges from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Our house is slowly but surely coming together. I'd like to thank my good friend Melissa for telling me about the challenge. My husband is soooo happy and the kids are excited too. They come home for school wanting to know what I "organized" today! My goal is to keep it organized and clean! So far, these are the areas that I have tackled: under bathroom sinks, mud room/pantry, junk drawer, desk drawer, master closet, sewing area, scrapbook area. I didn't take any pictures for before but will take the afters.

These are the areas that are on my list to tackle:

  •  freezers 
  • refrigerators
  •  kitchen pantry
  • under kitchen sink
  • office shelves
  • desk drawers
 My goal is to get these done before the new challenge starts on Sunday!

Here is the information from A Bowl Full Of Lemons about the new challenge!

You all rocked the 21 day challenge & we had almost 300 blogs participating! I pray that the new weekly challenge will surpass the last one.  We shall see! I have been anxiously awaiting to reveal my new blog challenge to you. It will start onSunday, January 30th.  I will post an assignment every Sunday and we will have the entire week to complete it. 

A few examples of assignments will be:

Organizing your craft room
Creating a recipe binder
Organizing your bookshelves
Cleaning out (and organizing) the garage
Making a Home Management Binder  
 Menu planning
and LOTS more!

Go to A Bowl Full of Lemons to sign up for the challenge!

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